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Teaching Philosophy

  • Positive Environment

I believe a warm environment is crucial for music learning, especially for young beginners. Reinforced with positive feedbacks​ instead of solemn judgments helps to build up confidence and interest to keep individuals motivate in the journey. I wish my students feel comfortable making mistakes and learn how to overcome challenges and understand the value of both patience and persistence. Ultimately, experience the joy of success.

  • Open-minded and Flexible

​All students are unique. We all have our own ways of digesting knowledge and expressing ourselves. Efficient learning requires attentive attention to give proper instructions based on various needs and abilities.

  • Inspiring and Heartening

To enjoy and appreciate music is extremely important to me. Music is a wonderful world that has so much to explore. Stimulate student's musical potentials and inspire their imagination to find the joy and love in music is my ultimate goal.

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